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The office is in Denmark, but MAKEEN Gas Equipment Denmark is responsible for sales in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and Oceania.

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Who are we?

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Martin B. Hansen

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Anders Dahl Jørgensen

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Anne Yun Madsen

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Morten Kærgård Mortensen

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Tove Kristensen

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Mohammed Alsabbagh

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Carsten Jensen

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Kristine Skyt

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Benjamin Pilgaard Brix

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Simon Nicolajsen

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Jyoti Bhardwaj


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Photo of the MAKEEN Gas Equipment Denmark Team

Meet your One-Stop Shop: MAKEEN Gas Equipment Denmark

Our Danish branch is one of the founding entities in MAKEEN Gas Equipment, and the people here have customer support flowing through their veins. With a broad array of theoretical knowledge combined with practical experience of working with gas, the team here is well-equipped to find the right solution for any challenge a customer may have.

Meet MAKEEN Gas Equipment Denmark