The New eCommerce Webstore from GEC

Welcome to the new age of gas equipment online shopping!

The new gasequipment.com is launching May 1st 2024! Now making it easier than ever to order gas equipment products and parts online. With the new features and enhanced storefront customers will continue to get the same great service and delivery, with an enhanced ecommerce storefront. Read below to find out how to navigate our new webstore and discover the latest features!

New Users:

Existing Users:

Searching and Selecting:

  • Enter the keyword or product ID # in the search bar to browse the entire inventory of GEC products and parts.
  • Listings include comprehensive information over each product, including resource data sheets, if available.
  • Substitutes and similar products are also featured on listings, ensuring you always have the products and parts you need.
  • And in order to make sure you never forget a vital component for your project, frequently purchased products are also listed.
  • Customer reviews and FAQS can be found on product pages, to get answers from other customers and company experts.

Product and Order Management:

Account Review:

Account Management:

My Cart:

  • Remove or change the quantity for items.
  • View and print your order summary.
  • Add a payment method, including a credit card or purchase order.
  • Enter a coupon code to receive discounts on items.
  • Choose your shipping method, or select "Best Way" for GEC to provide you the quickest method. 
  • Create product groups in your shopping cart.
  • Create estimates for customers using items in your cart. 

Mobile App Coming Soon!