GEC Product Training

More Than Just Equipment, GEC Offers Product Training

Understanding a product is just as important as having the right product. This is why GEC has continued to offer free on-site product training to our customers. We know it is vital for your business to remain up to date as new equipment and requirements constantly change in the LP gas market. Proper training can also contribute to your business building a better overall customer experience- giving your staff the ability to help answer questions, properly explain products, and maintain safe practices and operations.

What Do Our Training Programs Provide

Our experience adds value to your business. GEC outside sales representatives keep up with the latest manufacturer training and industry changes to be able to provide the most comprehensive courses for you and your staff. The trainings are valuable for new LP-Gas industry employees and technicians, as well as employees with years of experience looking to refresh their knowledge.

Currently, GEC offers over 25 different training programs. These range from hands-on training, such as repairing or rebuilding a Corken or Blackmer pump, to simple RegO regulator basics. Training programs vary in length from 15 minutes to 4 hours per session and can be combined to fit your needs. After finishing the course each training attendee is provided with a GEC certificate of completion.

GEC Training in Action

In May Todd Meyer and Jim Mason, GEC Sales Specialists, visited AERO Energy staff in Maryland to provide an expanded waterbath vaporizer training. Following the training Jim and Todd visited a customer location to go over maintenance procedures and show staff how to troubleshoot a Ransome RW series water bath vaporizer.

AERO Energy CEO, Larry Marshall, shares his thoughts and details over the training, Our training was a very detailed overview of Ransome and Algas Vaporizers. We discussed in detail the proper way to size a unit, what type to use (water bath or direct fire) and troubleshooting of the units. We also went to one of our sites and went over the unit there. I would suggest to anyone that has vaporizers or is looking to install one this class that Jim and Todd have put together is well worth the time”.

Learn how GEC can do the same for you. Visit GEC trainings to view our training programs. 

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