GEC St. Louis Branch

Customer Appreciation Day

GEC's St. Louis branch pulled out all the stops to express their gratitude and appreciation to valued customers during their Customer Appreciation Day held on Thursday, September 14th. The special event took place at the branch's location, on the outskirts of St. Louis in Earth City, and brought together over 40 attendees from 10 different companies. The Customer Appreciation Day was a testament to the branch’s commitment to building strong relationships and providing exceptional service.

Attendees were treated to a day consisting of quality GEC industry trainings covering a wide range of topics, including cathodic protection, setting pump bypass, and Rego Presto-Tap and Presto-link. The trainings were led by John Heisinger, David Young, Mike Miculinich, Paul Courson (RegO), and Jordan Janes (RegO). In addition to the training there was a tradeshow with product and technical static displays including borescope inspection of relief valves, Rego product, cathodic protection supplies and more. The event’s success also stemmed from support received by MC Miller, Jomar, and RegO who were able to provide promotional items.

One of the most valuable aspects of the Customer Appreciation Day was the opportunity for customers to connect face to face with the St. Louis team. Many customers met the team in person for the first time! The event concluded with a lunch, where attendees had the opportunity to meet with fellow customers and discuss their specific needs. To end the day 75 will call packages were put together for customers.

The whole St. Louis branch did their best to put the event together to thank and educate customers and promote the services and products that GEC offers. Doug Shepherd was able to coordinate the warehouse and ensure there were no delays in orders, even with the event taking place in the same area. Outside Salespeople, David Young and Mike Miculinich, travelled into the office to help with the event and conduct Cathodic Protection training. And Steve Clayton, Central Regional manager, John Heisinger, Customer Service Manager, and Michael Pribble, Customer Service Representative, all helped to organize the event and made sure it took place without any problems.

GEC wishes to extend its heartfelt thanks to its customers, the St. Louis team, and all of Team GEC for their unwavering support and dedication to excellence in the industry. Looking to the future, GEC remains committed to providing excellent customer service and continuing to strengthen customer relationships.

Mark Apple, Plant Supervisor at Ferrellgas St. Peters, MO, said "I enjoyed the open house training day. There are some good things I learned liked setting the bypass with an amp meter, and I really enjoyed the underground cathodic protection training".