Meet Eric Mota, Customer Service Representative

He is here for the GEC culture… And to help customers get the best products and parts for their industrial gas and cryogenic applications. Eric Mota started at GEC only a couple of years ago, but he has worked with the company for quite a while before then. With his industry background and knowledge, he has become the go to person for hard-to-find products and parts.

Eric joined GEC in 2022, and trained under Andrew Young, the Industrial Gas Product Manager. Currently working as a customer service representative for the Industrial Gas and Cryogenic team, Eric provides the same top-quality service and knowledge he experienced working with GEC in the industry. His main duties include pricing for popular brands like Generant and RegO and sourcing special inquiries for customers. Fortunately, his background has given him the industry knowledge and connections he needs to help customers find what they are looking for.

Roy Nichols, Senior Sales Manager for the GEC Cryogenics team, commended Eric's contributions to the team, "Eric has brought a talent for finding those special, non-stock products to help make GEC a one-stop shop. His dedication and knowledge are demonstrated in his everyday work on the Cryo team."

Eric’s background centers on both technical skills and sales, making him a perfect fit for the GEC Industrial Gas and Cryogenics team. He holds a CWI and has been a part of the welding industry since high school. His welding skills only improved through a range of technical schools that he attended over the course of 10 years, including Lone Star College. Interestingly, Eric used to work on remote operated vehicles, building and engineering them for 4 to 5 years. He also did plenty of work for welding companies, until an injury forced him into the office for purchasing and sales. However, even in this setting his skills flourished, and he ended up with about 18 years of technical sales experience. Throughout his sales experience Eric began working closely with GEC, and developed a good business relationship with Jim Cheaney, the head of the Houston GEC office. Eric noticed how tight knit the company was, and the “family” feeling that permeates GEC to this day. It made it easy to jump on board when the opportunity became available.

Whether it is learning about new industrial gas equipment or finding a solution for a customer’s cryogenic needs, Eric has seamlessly integrated into the Industrial Gas and Cryogenic team. Coming from the customer side of sales, he knows how to make the experience smooth for GEC customers. Find the support you're looking for, contact Eric and the Industrial Gas and Cryogenics team at 832-GEC-CRYO (832-432-2796).