Learn more about Customer Service Representative Lennier Rollins

As a dedicated Customer Service Representative on the Industrial Gas and Cryogenics team at Gas Equipment Company, Lennier is your go-to expert for product support and information, ensuring that the right valve for your project is just a conversation away.

A decade ago, when Lennier joined Gas Equipment Company, the Cryogenics and Industrial Gas team had yet to take shape. Initially hired in a customer service position, Lennier's responsibilities spanned across several market segments including propane, petrochemical, and cryogenics. As the company evolved and specialized, so did Lennier's role, culminating in his current position within the Cryogenics team. His numerous responsibilities include customer order entry, supplying product and catalog information, troubleshooting customer issues, following up on deliveries and customer projects, and providing essential support to the Cryogenics team whenever needed.

Roy Nichols, Senior Sales Manager for the GEC Cryogenics team, commented, "Ever since I have known and worked with Lennier, he has been a very calm and steady customer service representative. Thorough and concise, ready to help a customer or Gas Equipment employee. He has always been ready and eager to take on more tasks as needed by the group, whatever that may be". 

Lennier began in the industry at Air Liquide, a supplier of gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health. He dedicated 17 years at Air Liquide before joining the Gas Equipment family in 2013. Beyond his industry work, Lennier proudly holds the title of a United States Navy Veteran, having served as a firefighter and embodying a profound sense of discipline.

Lennier's journey reflects his adaptability and growth within GEC and the changing industry landscape. Armed with a deep understanding of cryogenic and industrial gas sectors, he is ready to assist customers in all their project needs, with the best customer service. Be sure to contact Lennier and the Cryogenics team at 832-GEC-CRYO (832-432-2796).