The ultimate cost-saving device for LPG tank owners

Algas-SDI has released an update of the ZIMMER – their popular LPG vaporizer that has maximised the profits of tank owners for over 15 years. It is smaller – or bigger. It is faster. It is easier. And it comes with a range of benefits that will make it your new best friend (We apologise to your previous best friends).

More capacities

Faster start-up time – much faster

Three-phase compatibility and easy maintenance

Ideally suited for

Graphic showing an e-book for a LPG Vaporiser

E-book: LPG vaporizer – An investment that will secure your profit

Time for chemistry class! But do not worry, we are not going to bore you with formulas and graphs. Instead, we have outlined the basic principles of LPG vaporisation and collected 8 reasons to use an LPG vaporizer

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