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Even a Ferrari needs a tune-up now and then – and in that respect, gas equipment is no different from cars. To prevent breakdowns, loss of production, and safety hazards, it is crucial to maintain your machines regularly. That is why we are serious about staying in touch with our customers and making sure that the equipment we sell them keeps running perfectly, even many years after the sale.

Preventive maintenance is key

The first goal in maintenance of gas equipment is not about reacting to a problem when it arises – it is about regular check-ups to predict and pre-empt any issues before they happen. For this, we have service teams in, among other places, France, Belgium, the UK, Portugal, and Spain who drive out to our customers’ sites at scheduled intervals to check up on the health of their equipment.

We carefully track which equipment is operating and where, in order to always have a stock of spare parts on hand. Especially in these times, when the supply crisis means that ordering parts can take weeks, it is a comfort to have a partner who always keeps a proper stock. The result is peace of mind for the customer – and, in the end, money saved on fewer breakdowns and production stops.

Service tours and predictive maintenance

MAKEEN Gas Equipment's team in Belgium (also known as Kroch Equipment) and in Portugal are experts in industrial compressor and pump skids, which brings along deep knowledge about the proper maintenance of gas compressors and pumps. Each year, our team takes a tour of customer sites in Benelux, France, Portugal, and Spain to check that their pumps and compressors are still working and give them the necessary care to keep them running smoothly until the next visit. How often? We determine that according to how much you use the equipment in question – so you will not be bothered unnecessarily if your machines are not due for a check-up.

Our predictive maintenance service makes it possible to monitor the state of health of a machine. With triaxial vibration analysis at different frequencies, we can reveal defects such as unbalances, bearing, geometry, wear, motor damage, belt wear, etc.

We draw up a report with a series of solutions that we carry out, as well as recommendations to follow in order to find a solution to the problem and minimise the risk of subsequent damage that may be caused to other parts of the machine.

Service and reconditioning in the UK

Similar to Belgium, our team in MAKEEN Gas Equipment UK have many years of experience in prolonging the life of our customers' machines. This includes both on-site maintenance (preventive or reactive) and in-house reconditioning of worn equipment. Even if we don't have a regular service agreement, you can always call us if the need for technical assistance arises. Maybe you can spot one of our service vans on the UK roads?

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