EZ-Link is transforming American LPG businesses

Our colleagues in Gas Equipment Company Ltd (GEC – a MAKEEN Energy company) have developed a data integration solution for LPG businesses.The name is EZ-Link, and it is changing the lives of our customers for the better. In 2022, a record number of customers made the switch to this system, with transformative impacts on both their profits, time management, and quality of life.

Pictures of the EZ-Link solution:

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  • Base Tablet Install
  • Website Screen
  • Customer Detail Screen
  • Track My Truck Screen


If you are an LPG distributor, with trucks driving around to fill the tanks of customers, you have a lot of data to take care of. How much gas did you deliver, to whom, where, when, and at what price? For many companies, all that information is kept on printed receipts before it is manually entered into an IT system at the office. Not only is that immensely time-consuming, but at any point in the process, a ticket can get lost, or a human input error can occur. And then there’s the lack of control with how much product you have actually distributed which leaves you vulnerable to fraud or theft.

Now imagine a system that frees you from all that. A system that tracks where your trucks are, shows where to make deliveries and how much to deliver, gives exact measurements of gas transfers, and provides a complete history of all transactions – fully automatic and cloud-based. And it integrates into your existing accounting system.

That system is EZ-Link, and it is an increasingly popular solution among GEC’s customers. So popular, in fact, that they have had to put customers on waiting lists to convert to this system. As most trucks are too busy delivering LPG in the winter, the system installation must
be done during the summer. In 2022, the plan was to convert 6 customers to the system over the summer, but that number ended up being 8. And more are lined up for the coming year.

A quantum leap in time management

Corry Elliott is the Director of Integrated Systems at GEC and the developer of the EZ-Link solution. He has a good idea of why this system is so successful:

“For a company that is used to manually entering stacks of paper receipts into an accounting system, converting to EZ-Link can be like advancing from the stone age to modernity. It removes so many menial tasks that take up time for both truck drivers and office staff, and it frees up resources to do more meaningful tasks. It makes a huge difference for both the company’s bottom line and the job satisfaction of their employees,” he says. And he continues to explain what makes EZ-Link different from other integrated solution systems:

“There are other systems on the market that can do the same things as EZ-Link. What sets us apart is that our system is more affordable than most others, which is especially beneficial for smaller companies – the ‘mom and pop’ type businesses who can’t spare $100,000 for a
software package. And the user interface is very simple and easy to use, so it makes the transition period smooth.”

More of what you’d rather be doing

The impact EZ-Link has on the lives of business owners and their employees can not be overstated. By freeing up resources that were previously dedicated to manual data input and management of accounts, it allows businesses and people to focus on things of more value. Corry has an example of how one customer’s time was suddenly freed up to pursue his passion:

One of our recent customers had a dream of travelling and seeing the world, but he was so deep in daily accounting and administration tasks that he could never find the time for it. We installed EZ-Link in all his trucks, and some months later he called to ask me a question – from his holiday in Spain. Seeing that our system makes such a positive difference in people’s lives is so rewarding.

Corry Elliott Director of Integrated Systems and the developer of the EZ-Link solution, Gas Equipment Company Ltd

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